Fit n Fabulous: Summer Edition

Everyone knows that if you look good you feel good.  This summer,  some of the sisters made a pact to get fit so that they could start the school year as fabulous as possible. 

As a way to combat the self image worries that many middle school students go through, Fit n Fabulous is a fun, safe, and educational environment where the group could freely talk about their bodies and how one can love themselves from the inside out.  Together with their family support, everyone has decided to make the following commitments:

  • eat clean
  • drink the minimum recommended daily water intake
  • and, exercise 3 days a week

The increased physical fitness has helped increase our energy levels, reduce stress, and more importantly help to boost our self-esteem.  As we embark on this healthy journey together we can conquer anything! Why?

Because we are Fabulous and soon to be FIT!


Each year, Sisters e S.T.E.A.M. has a special closing event. This year, we travelled to Ohiopyle.  During this fun filled and challenging day, we tested our own limits by zip lining and white water rafting. As with any SE event, there is always a focus back to who we are as women and our core worth.

Our lesson with zip lining taught us that through life we have to climb to reach the top but, when we get their, obstacles await.  You can't turn around you must keep going forward one step at a time. When you get to that final destination, you must learn to let go and enjoy the ride.  When you open your eyes and see that your feet have hit the ground the feeling is priceless... 
Through rafting we learned that something's you just can't do everything on your own and together we often must analyze and strategize to get the job done. Collaboration is a key part of being successful in life.